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Susan Lindauer on Iraq and 9/11

by on Jan.12, 2011, under The General Pursuit

Another fascinating interview with Susan Lindauer, former CIA asset and author of Extreme Prejudice. She discusses 9/11 and implicates Mossad complicity in those attacks. She also talks about government level thermite and the strange vans arriving at the WTC early in the morning prior to the attacks, including the janitorial services company that allegedly owned the vans. She then details the hell she went through after providing this information to her relative Andrew Card, who worked in the Bush Administration at the White House – he was the guy who informed Bush of the attacks at the school.

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Heard of Susan Lindauer? Wonder why not . . .

by on Feb.03, 2010, under The General Pursuit

RBN host RJ Hender interviewed a fascinating guest on The Morning Liberty Show on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010.  Susan Lindauer is a former CIA asset and the 2nd cousin of Andrew Card.   She claims she was one of the first people jailed under the Patriot Act – having been accused of harming national security by passing information to Saddam Hussein.   Her crime?   She wrote a letter to her relative Andrew Card urging him to not attack Iraq.

More importantly, she claims that her CIA handler sent her to Iraq monthly in the summer leading up to the 911 event – urging her to tell their leaders that if they withheld any knowledge of  a terror attack by airliners on the World Trade Center that the United States would hold Iraq accountable.   She was very clear that the CIA had advance knowledge of 911, and that they were intent on setting up Iraq for blame for the event.

Why the hell isn’t she on TV telling this story?    Because it is not as interesting as Natalee Holloway et al?   Not hardly.   Because it is most likely true – and it is deliberately being kept out of the mainstream media.  As she said, “The mainstream media went black on my case.”

Talk Left writes:

Federal law enforcement officials said that despite Ms. Lindauer’s extensive contacts with the Iraqis, there was little evidence to suggest that she had harmed national security by passing any sensitive intelligence to the Hussein government. Instead, she was largely perceived, even by some law enforcement officials, as a woman who fancied herself a peacemaker. “She thought maybe she could do more than she really could as an intermediary” between Washington and Baghdad, said a law enforcement official.

The New York Times writes:

Speaking to television news reporters as she was led away from an F.B.I. office outside Baltimore, Ms. Lindauer described herself as an antiwar activist and said she was innocent. “I did more to stop terrorism in this country than anybody else,” she said.

She sounds authentic on the radio – like a true patriot.    The irony of her being one of the first people arrested under the Patriot Act is indicative of just how screwed we are.

Scoop Independent News quoted Susan:

“More dangerously, I had decided to talk. In February, 2004 I approached the senior staff of Senators Trent Lott and John McCain and asked to testify in front of the new blue ribbon Presidential Commission on Iraqi Pre-War Intelligence. Within a month, I was astounded to wake up one morning to hear FBI agents pounding on the door of my house in Maryland with an arrest warrant.

“The indictment called me “Symbol Susan.” It was a bizarre notation unsupported by any evidence or action in the indictment. It did however have one crucial purpose?to communicate a warning that anybody breaking ranks from the Bush White House should expect to be brutally crushed like I was.To speak the truth under President George Bush was the worst crime of all. It was treason.

‘But what exactly was the U.S. government trying to hide?

“The answer is more far reaching than you would expect. In the first article of this series written and edited with the help of Michael Collins, we talk about the 9/11 warning that my team delivered to the Office of Counter-Terrorism at the Justice Department in August, 2001.

“For those who think you’ve heard the whole story of 9/11, you might be surprised.”

Click here for the complete article.

Her book is titled Extreme Prejudice . . . and she is currently having a hard time finding a publisher in the United States . . .

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