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NSA is Spying on You Illegally

by on Aug.23, 2009, under The General Pursuit

The National Security Agency (NSA) likes to record Internet traffic – so that they can data mine for keywords, patterns, and people of interest.

Russell Tice – NSA Whistle-blower on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown

Why isn’t the media raising hell about this?  Mainstream Media is Worthless.


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for Sibel Edmonds audio clip of extended interview with Russell Tice.

According to Tice, the government doesn’t yet have the ability to catalog every single communication in the United States, but within 15 years they will.  He also says the NSA is viscous – they will blackmail anyone in a heartbeat.   He adds that of other countries, China and Israel are 1 and 2 on spying on the U.S.

PBS FRONTLINE:  Spying on the Home Front

PBS FRONTLINE has done a story on Mark Klein, who worked for AT&T for over 20 years as a technician.   He tells the story of how he accidentally discovered the whole flow of internet traffic in AT&T operations centers was being diverted to the NSA on a regular basis.

Here is an excerpt:

I think I’m looking at something Orwellian. It’s a government, many-tentacled operation to gather daily information on what everybody in the country is doing. Your daily transactions on the Internet can be monitored with this kind of system, not just your Web surfing. All kinds of business that people do on the Internet these days — your bank transactions, your e-mail, everything — it sort of opens a window into your entire private life, and that’s why I thought of the term “Orwellian.” As you know, in [George] Orwell’s story [1984], they have cameras in your house, watching you. Well, this is the next best thing.

Click here to read the PBS FRONTLINE interview.

Click here to to watch this FRONTLINE episode.

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