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Harvard Study Proves Media Brainwashes Public

by on Jul.04, 2010, under The General Pursuit

There are facts and falsehoods reported by mainstream media. There are also facts that are omitted from reporting by mainstream media in the United States of America. All of these are important components of the media’s ability to control the public opinion.

Factual stories must be presented regularly, and at such a high rate as to establish and maintain the news organizations credibility. Misleading information is presented by media (whether too lazy to verify/scrutinize or intentionally) at a much lower rate. People tend to either trust or distrust a source – and are likely to either believe everything or virtually nothing from that source. Maintaining that trust is essential to continued media control of the people of the United States.

Whether facts or falsehood – perhaps the most important brainwashing tool the media uses is the importance it puts on the information. Is it mentioned once and then forgotten? Or, is it pounded repeatedly by multiple media sources and used as a talking point that supports a larger viewpoint. How the information is reported can me much more important than the mere fact that it was reported.

In this story by Glenn Greenwald, the reporting of waterboarding as torture or not as torture, depending on the situation (or the end game of what the powers that be ultimately want you to think), illustrates the manipulation of the minds of Americans very well.  Here are some excerpts:

American newspapers are highly inclined to refer to waterboarding as “torture” when practiced by other nations, but will suddenly refuse to use the term when it’s the U.S. employing that technique

the U.S. media completely changes how it talks about something (or how often) based on who is doing it (“torture” when the Bad Countries do it but some soothing euphemism when the U.S. does it; continuous focus when something bad is done to Americans but a virtual news blackout when done by the U.S., etc.).  Nor is this an accident, but is quite deliberate:  media outlets such as the NYTTheWashington Post and NPR explicitly adopted policies to ban the use of the word “torture” for techniques the U.S. Government had authorized once government officials announced it should not be called “torture.”

Case in point – this story openly discusses the media bias in delivering news, and that the government uses it as a tool to influence how people view the “facts” of torture – but the story does not emphasize the significance of this by attacking the obvious brainwashing that is purposefully being executed by government through media.    The story has facts (and/or falsehoods), and it attacks the government for being hypocritical – while completely overlooking the importance of the fact that the government and mainstream media are willingly involved in controlling the thoughts of the American people.  As usual, it is all right there in front of us – yet most of us fail to process it for what it is – instead choosing to accept the “relevance” we are being fed along with the facts.    Amazing.

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