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J. Edgar Hoover and Paul Harvey – Partners in Crime?

by on Jan.25, 2010, under The General Pursuit

A recent article in the Washington Post by Joe Stephens chronicles the relationship between J. Edgar Hoover and Paul Harvey.     Much of the details come from hundreds of pages of FBI files that were released in response to a FOIA request.   Here is a link to the CBS News reprint of the post article.

While this could be just an curious story of two interesting people who became friends, it strikes me as significant that one of them represented the U.S. intelligence community, and the other represented the Mainstream Media.     Below are some excerpts that are particularly interesting:

Harvey tried to be of service beyond the FBI as well, writing in 1956 to Sen. Joseph McCarthy, who had made a name for himself by hunting down alleged Communists in the federal bureaucracy, with tips about “known Reds” at a Texas Air Force base. A senior FBI official added a handwritten notation to ensure that Harvey’s letter not be distributed outside the bureau’s top brass: “No dissemination since identity of Harvey cannot be revealed.”

Why not reveal the identity of Harvey?

Mutual Admiration . . .

And so began a friendship that continued until Hoover’s death in 1972. In the years that followed, Hoover autographed a photo for Harvey, who in turn devoted entire shows to Hoover’s heroism and mailed Hoover copies of his commercial recordings on LPs.

Neither man was restrained in his praise of the other. “You were never in better form,” Hoover gushed to Harvey about one of his broadcasts in May 1958, and again, in precisely the same words, in February 1959.

Crazy Communist Fighter

In April 1952, Rep. Fred Busbey, an Illinois Republican and longtime friend of Harvey’s, asked the FBI if he could bring the broadcaster by to thank Hoover. “You will recall that Harvey has a history of mental instability,” said an FBI memo analyzing the request, adding that Harvey appeared to be rehabilitated and was now “very effectively anti-Communist.”

Hoover Receives Advance Copy of Harvey Show . . .

A 1957 letter to Harvey from FBI Assistant Director Louis Nichols notes, “For a number of years, you have been kind enough to send me your daily copy.”

Previously confidential files show that Harvey, who died last February at 90, enjoyed a 20-year friendship with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, often submitting advance copies of his radio script for comment and approval.

For those that question the Mainstream Media’s integrity,  Paul Harvey’s relationship with Hoover, and his anti-communism message, sure screams manipulation and propaganda puppeteering.   But that would never happen in the United States now would it?   See Operation Mockingbird.

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H.R. 1207 Audit the Fed

by on Aug.03, 2009, under Finance

Congressman Ron Paul of the 14th District, Texas has introduced a bill to audit the Federal Reserve which has gained great support in the House.   As of 8/3/09, there were 282 co-sponsors.   Click here for details on H.R. 1207.

The mainstream media is largely ignoring it – choosing instead to focus on distractions such as Michael Jackson and President Obama’s beer party.

A Google news search for HR 1207 has the top search results which list the following media outlets in order:

Liberty Maven
Philadelphia Bulletin
Christian Science Monitor
All Gov
You Tube
Washington Times ( titled:  A compromise on auditing the Fed?)

A google news search for Michael Jackson has the top search results which list the following media outlets in order:

Los Angeles Times
You Tube
New York Daily News
ABC News
USA Today

What is wrong with this picture? The mainstream media is clearly suppressing this story.

Bill Maher did bring it up on the Friday, July 31st 2009 episode of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. See this video:

Listen to that pompous ass Niall Ferguson.   What a shill.


It was in the paper today, that all these banks, who we bailed out, who lost huge sums of money – gave out bonuses,  like a thousand people got bonuses, over a million dollars – from Goldman Sachs and Citibank – Shitty Bank as I call it – Skank of America – some of these big, giant banks that failed.  You don’t think there is a giant disconnect between what’s really going on in America, and the real people out there, and Wall Street?

Maher continued:

Ron Paul this week asked for an audit of the Federal Reserve.   And Elliot Spitzer, who – despite what he likes in his sex life – knows a lot about this, and I trust, said:  The Federal Reserve is a giant Ponzi scheme.  That scared the hell out of me.   I don’t know what the Federal Reserve is.   I don’t know what they are doing.  And what I do know, is that I don’t know.  I feel so disconnected to this financial mess.   I can’t understand it.  I don’t even know if the people who are supposed to be the experts can understand it.

Ferguson replied:

I think if anybody understands this crisis, it’s Ben Bernanke.   After all, he dedicated most of his life to studying the great depression.   And, we’re really lucky that he’s in that job.   His predecessor, Alan Greenspan, in many ways screwed up.  You could say that the bubble was in large measure a result of his negligence, when he didn’t raise interest rates early enough, and let the real estate market go crazy.  But we’re quite lucky, because Bernanke has got this right so far.   And my great fear is that congress is gonna get power over the Fed.  That’s the nightmare scenario – that we have those crazy people on the hill starting to control monetary policy.  Then I really will go back to Britain.

Loud laughter and applause followed.  That’s right, a British Harvard Professor just told the American people on national TV that congress shouldn’t be in charge of monetary policy, and they took it hook, line, and sinker.   Translation:  you stupid people should have no say in U.S. monetary policy, because the people who represent you are too crazy.    Instead, a private group, the Federal Reserve, should control your destiny, and not be subject to audit.

Talk about an elitist agenda!   It was shocking that people laughed and clapped.

After looking up Niall Ferguson on the internet, I discovered that he was behind the recent PBS series, “The Ascent of Money“.  Having watched part of that a few weeks ago (the positive spin put on the Rothschild family struck me as odd then) I now find it is all starting to make sense.  Niall Ferguson is most likely a Rothschild puppet – and his opposition to H.R. 1207 and auditing the Federal Reserve on national T.V. is damming – clearly his intent is to propagandize on behalf of the Fed.

Even more reason to support Ron Paul’s bill.  Audit the Fed!

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Dan Rather Blasts Mainstream Media

by on Jul.31, 2009, under The General Pursuit

Speaking to an audience in Aspen, Colorado, former CBS News anchorman Dan Rather discussed the decline of journalistic integrity, expressing concern that the consolidation of media ownership has resulted in a decline in quality and integrity of the news.   Read these excerpts from this article in The Aspen Times:

His talk emphasized what he believes is the erosion of quality journalism, because of the corporatization, politicization, and “trivialization” of news. Those three factors, Rather argued, have fueled the “dumbing down and sleezing up of news” and the decline of “great American journalism.”

Likening media consolidation to that of the banking industry, Rather claimed that “roughly 80 percent” of the media is controlled by no more than six, and possibly as few as four, corporations.

“A democracy and free people cannot thrive without a fiercely independent press,” he said.

Think Dan knows that the mainstream media is controlled by a small group of people, and that it can be financially influenced  to propagate the myths that paint the primary picture of America for the masses?

Dan Rather currently has an in depth news program on HD Net called Dan Rather Reports.

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