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Dominant Master Narratives – Thought Control

by on Oct.22, 2013, under The General Pursuit

People live in narratives. Dominant master narratives of the American people in the United States are:

Work really hard and you too can be rich.
Americans are free, and freedom is worth fighting for.

Here is an insightful excerpt from and article on Daily Kos by Meteor Blades:

If you were an anthropologist, you might view the master narrative operating as myths do. But I prefer to think of it as brainwashing, whether imparted around a campfire, in a grade-school history lesson, at a graduate-level seminar, by an endowed think-tank, on the evening news, or in the pages of an economic treatise. Stories derived from the master narrative resonate so profoundly in our psyches that we often don’t even recognize their power over us. For instance, Americans, especially white, male Americans of a certain generation, were taught by the master narrative to believe unquestioningly in our society as a meritocracy, so much so that they denied – and often still deny – their own privilege.

In this video, Ben Swann lends insight into how people are manipulated though the implementation of these narratives.

Read more at BenSwann.com

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