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The Bellamy Salute and Brainwashing Patriotism in Public Schools

by on May.20, 2014, under The General Pursuit

Texas high school kid refuses to stand for the pledge of allegiance, gets suspended. Once upon a time Francis Bellamy had children in the United States doing a “Heil Hitler” Nazi salute at the flag during the pledge. Click here for more on the American “Hitler Salute.”

Here is a humorous take on the brainwashing of children who recite the pledge:

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Laurel Canyon: The Inorganic Hippie Movement

by on May.11, 2014, under The General Pursuit

Gnostic Media interviews Dave McGowan about Laurel Canyon – the area of Los Angeles that was the real Haight-Ashbury of the hippie movement. A crazy number of musicians that changed a generation were children of military and military intelligence families.

Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead is a member of Bohemian Grove?

Enjoy the fascinating conversation between Dave McGowan and Jan Irvin.

And an earlier interview of McGowan:

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Boston Bombing Hero Carlos Arredondo is Amnesty Tool

by on May.10, 2014, under The General Pursuit

Carlos Arredondo is a fraud. He is also a tool for those who want to shape America’s future. This video exposes his lies, his role with crisis actors in the Boston Bombing ruse, and positions him as a Latino hero to assist in the multicultural push to fragment the United States through amnesty for illegal aliens. La Raza wants their land back – and they intend to get it. Synergies at work for the destruction of a nation.

The definition of nation from a 1828 dictionary.

na┬Ětion [ney-shuhn]
1. A body of people inhabiting the same country, or united under the same sovereign or government; as the English nation; the French nation. It often happens that many nations are subject to one government; in which case, the word nation usually denotes a body of people speaking the same language, or a body that has formerly been under a distinct government, but has been conquered, or incorporated with a larger nation. Thus the empire of Russia comprehends many nations, as did formerly the Roman and Persian empires. Nation, as its etymology imports, originally denoted a family or race of men descended from a common progenitor, like tribe, but by emigration, conquest and intermixture of men of different families, this distinction is in most countries lost.

2. A great number, by way of emphasis.

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