Should I Vaccinate My Child?

by on Jan.23, 2012, under Biological BS

I have to believe Jenny McCarthy would say no, you should not. And I believe she would say it emphatically . . . to a doctor!

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  • Fred

    The problem with Jenny McCarthy is she jumped on the my son has autism hay ride and the media didn’t do their homework. Had they investigated, which good journalists do, they would’ve seen her story had huge gaps. For instance, her son radically improved after given seizure medications. As many doctors believe, this is more consistent with the diagnosis of landau kleffner syndrome, a syndrome easily misdiagnosed,even by experts, as autism. It would look better for Jenny to come out and deal with the seizures being the real reason her son regressed and exhibited autistic like behaviors that led to diagnosis. Unfortunately, she was picked up by media and others who have made a lot of money off her son’s misdiagnosis and they don’t want to lose that money now. There are books. Endorsements. Connections. Ties. Her name is on the my child has autism payroll and it’s making people in some places money. They don’t care if her son really has autism. Yet, at same time, these same people will attack BIG PHARM saying all they care about is making money. Well this appears to be the pot calling the kettle black. Jenny should be a spokesperson for Landau Kleffner, not autism. Her son obviously has issues and hopefully continues to progress, but her chronic misrepresentation of autism has rightfully angered many people. It’s equally disturbing that the website Age of Autism has a relationship with her that blinds them to the fact her son was never autistic. As for her anti-vaccine stance, what is wrong with that? She has a right to know what goes into her child’s body! And studies show there is a link to vaccines causing brain swelling in some children. That doesn’t mean they cause autism, but they certainly aren’t always safe, so let’s just look at things the way they should be looked at okay and cut the cra#.

  • admin

    I’ve noticed some who speak out against vaccines have been using the more broad term, “vaccine-damaged” children.

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