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Why Do We Drink Fluoride?

by on May.31, 2011, under Biological BS

Fluoride is poison. Why do we drink it? Why are some governments prescribing medicine in uncontrolled doses?

Watch this video and visit the Fluoride Action Network for more information on this insanity.

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In the Name of the Father – Movie Seems All Too Familiar Decades Later

by on May.29, 2011, under The General Pursuit

While the In the Name of the Father, starring Daniel Day Lewis, was released in 1993 – it begins as a depiction of historical events which started in 1974. It is a good movie; a compelling story. But even more interesting is that the themes of tyranny and terrorism so prevalent in today’s world, specifically in the United States, were there in England and Ireland nearly four decades ago.

The acts of terrorism by the IRA (or is it simply war to them) are up against the tyranny of England over the people of Ireland. In response to bombings – a law is passed to enable authorities to detain suspects of terrorism for up to 7 days without filing charges. In the film, it is during this 7 day detention of the innocent Gerry Conlon, played by Lewis, is himself tortured and terrorized by investigators until he eventually signs an admission of guilt. Sound familiar? Patriot Act? Rendition? Torture? Guantanamo Bay?

Great movie on its own – but it really resonates with the notion that governments have used the fear of terrorism to trample the rights of innocent people throughout the history of civilization. Perhaps none more so than the British Empire.

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The Birth of Deathers

by on May.06, 2011, under The General Pursuit

It was inevitable. The American Mass Media Psy-Ops Machine just couldn’t resist. CNN has now used the term “Deathers” to tag people who seek truth by questioning the official government’s (changing) story on the “death” of Osama bin Laden.

Carol Costello, the CNN anchor, following a video of Alex Jones saying story is “a fairy tale”, said: “from birthers to deathers.”

Then she spoke with CNN Political Producer Shannon Travis, who uttered this beauty:

In one week we’ve gone from the DEATH of BIRTHERS, to the BIRTH of DEATHERS.”

The mind fuck continues . . .

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