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Susan Lindauer on Iraq and 9/11

by on Jan.12, 2011, under The General Pursuit

Another fascinating interview with Susan Lindauer, former CIA asset and author of Extreme Prejudice. She discusses 9/11 and implicates Mossad complicity in those attacks. She also talks about government level thermite and the strange vans arriving at the WTC early in the morning prior to the attacks, including the janitorial services company that allegedly owned the vans. She then details the hell she went through after providing this information to her relative Andrew Card, who worked in the Bush Administration at the White House – he was the guy who informed Bush of the attacks at the school.

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Jesse Ventura Censored

by on Jan.05, 2011, under Police State

Conspiracy Theory, a truTV series that exposes information that isn’t normally covered by mainstream television, has been censored according to Jesse Ventura.   Allegedly, Homeland Security as well as members of congress have put pressure on Time Warner, truTV’s parent company, to not show specific episodes in repeat programming.  

At issue primarily is the episode titled “Police State”, which investigates FEMA camps in the United States. Not only did the show only air once, but it has been reported that it has been mysteriously erased from TIVO DVRs. Some episodes are available in full here. Obviously the “Police State” episode is not one of them. Reportedly, it can be viewed on You Tube at the time of this posting.

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