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Charlie Sheen is a Gutsy Patriot

by on Sep.11, 2009, under The General Pursuit

He knows the official 911 story is bullshit. He calls on Obama for a true investigation of 911.

He also challenges people who support the official government story on 911 to a live debate on Larry King. Nice to see someone stand up for what is right, with so much to lose.

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Democracy is Dead and the Rebuplic is in Very Poor Health

by on Sep.05, 2009, under The General Pursuit

Let’s face it – there are very few individual U.S. citizens who can have an impact on the direction of this nation. People who run for office, and people with boatloads of money are among the few. The normal guy’s political energy is manipulated by mainstream media to maintain the false left right political gridlock – and all of that energy is wasted why real progress and change is seldom made – regardless of whether liberals like Obama or conservatives like Bush are in office. The result is the same. More war. More profits for Wall Street and big business. Less for the American people. As we watch the middle class erode, and the median standard of living fall relative to our former rank versus other countries . . . consider this article by Paul B. Farrell of MarketWatch has has posted an article titled “Democracy is dead . . . lobbyists rule America.”

Here are some of Farrell’s insights:

Our brains are being manipulated by clandestine forces beyond our control. We can’t see them or resist.Yet we refuse to believe in this new Orwellian America. We prefer the world of magic, myth and illusion.

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